Welcome to the wonderful world of Reiki!

Reiki treatments
At Acupuncture Nest, Reiki is available as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with acupuncture treatments. During these treatments, your practitioner will deliver additional energy into your system to top-up your existing reserves of energy (life-force). This energy is benign in nature and will cause no harm. It enables greater efficiency of your body’s biological processes such as digestion, oxygenation and cellular regeneration which in turn provide more energy and physical healing.

Reiki may be administered holistically- to aid the regeneration of your whole system- or directly to the site of your pain or injuries. On occasion, patients have reported that Reiki was the only effective pain-relief solution they were able to find. Treatments are given fully clothed and involve your practitioner resting their hands gently over your abdomen or over other regions relevant to your individual needs.

Benefits of Reiki
As an additional source of energy, Reiki will be of distinct benefit in times of prolonged stress or protracted or chronic illness or after a surgery. It is particularly recommended to our patients with post-viral syndrome, glandular fever or adrenal fatigue.

Beyond the physical benefits, Reiki is known to be mind-calming and to ease the recipient into a meditative state, facilitating the change in your brainwave patterns from standard beta formation to alpha waves. It can engender feelings of well-being and lightness of spirit and as such offers you a great pick-me-up.

More information
Reiki is the ancient art of hands-on healing reported in various spiritual texts, however, no belief is required to benefit and therefore it can be given to children, animals and plants. If you would like to know more about how Reiki may be beneficial to you or a loved one, please text, call or email Selina via 0413035237 or selinaspanswick@gmail.com.

Selina Spanswick has been an active member of the Usui Rei-ki Network facilitating training seminars in Sydney and was trained in 1998 by Barbara McGregor.