HICAPS is available at the clinic for applicable on-the-spot health fund rebates.

Premium Treatments $90

Our Premium treatments are available 4.00pm-7.00pm. They cost $90 and run for 45 minutes. They allow time for the addition of a second acupuncture treatment (front and back) or a long consultation or moxa or massage, as required or requested. Premium treatments are available at other times by request.

Bespoke Treatments $60

Our Bespoke treatments are available 9.40am-4.00pm. They cost $60 and run for 30 minutes. These treatments include a short consultation and individualised acupuncture treatment.

Tandem Treatments (from $45 per person)

Couples and friends can book together,
share a treatment room, and SAVE!
Premium Tandem Treatments cost $130, save $50
Bespoke Tandem Treatments cost $90, save $30

Bespoke Package $240 (save $60)

Bespoke Packages include 5 Bespoke treatments paid in advance for $240. SAVE $60! The Package may be divided among loved ones. Please note, Bespoke Treatments can only be booked 9.40am-4.00pm (inclusive) and need to be used within 12 months of purchase.

Annual Subscription $810

Any 12 treatments in 12 months, paid in advance for $810, with the flexibility to choose between Premium or Bespoke treatments when making your bookings (subject to availability). Premium Tandem bookings SAVE UP TO $750!! Please note Annual Subscriptions belong to one person and expire 12 months after purchase.